Diaper Bank Partner Agency Application 2023 - 24

League Year 2023-2024 (valid June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024)

The Junior League of Baton Rouge Diaper Bank proudly serves the parishes of East Baton Rouge, Ascension, Iberville, Livingston, West Baton Rouge, and West Feliciana.

Federal tax-exempt status (501c3) non-profits or religious organizations are welcome to apply to be a Partner Agency. Please complete the following application and attach the required documentation.  Completion of the application does not guarantee acceptance.

The requirements of Partner Agencies (if selected) include:

  • Sign a partnership agreement
  • Attend Partner Agency Orientation
  • Volunteer at the Diaper Bank (2-hour shift or assist in pulling for distribution during the Spring)
  • Submit monthly statistics, which will include but not be limited to:

             -Demographics of clients served (including zip codes)

             -Number of diaper packs distributed

             -Number of family members in the household


Agency General Information

Please provide any Social Media Handles below.

Partnership Engagement
Description of Programs Using Diapers

Please describe your programs which will be using diapers. For your program 1, you will fill out the data in the fields below. If you have more than one program that will use diapers, you will also upload a document with a brief description of the service provided noting how the diapers will be used in the program. Provide the contact person with direct phone extension, cell phone, and e-mail address for each program.


Additional Programs: Please upload a document to describe any additional programs which will be using diapers. Include a brief description of the service provided noting how the diapers will be used in the programs. Provide the contact person with direct phone extension, cell phone, and e-mail address for each program. Please follow the example set with Program 1.

Estimate Your Distribution Needs

The data from this Distribution Estimation will be entered into the Junior League of Baton Rouge Diaper Bank database for each agency. All information will be kept in a secure manner and not released to any external organization other than in aggregate for grant writing and audit purposes.

To estimate your organization’s need for diapers, please complete the following information based on your current clients. Upon approval of your application, we will review your needs including future projections to ensure we will be able to supply your agency.


The National Diaper Bank Network estimates diaper need at 50 diapers per month per child. For example, if you service 25 Newborns, diapers are supplied at 50 diapers per month. For your Newborns, you would receive 1,250 diapers.

Please complete the blanks below indicating the number of children your agency serves on a quarterly basis.

Diaper Distribution Day Pick-Up Contact Information

Quarterly distributions are held by appointment on the first Friday of the month.

  1. Distribution 1: September 2023
  2. Distribution 2: November 2023
  3. Distribution 3: February 2024
  4. Distribution 4: May 2024


Please designate a person who will be responsible for picking up diapers on distribution day. This person needs to be accessible by cell phone on the day of distribution.


Partner Agency Orientation Information

All selected agencies will be responsible for attending a mandatory Partner Agency Orientation Meeting prior to our first distribution. Orientation and distribution dates will be released upon acceptance as an agency. Orientation is held at the JLBR Diaper Bank which is located at 5355 Government Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806. This meeting will cover placing diaper orders for distribution, distributions, information that we need to be collected for grants and the National Diaper Bank Network, and give you other information about the JLBR Diaper Bank.

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